Business Models you can be after

Walk-in or One Offs

The first is a simple to use site which offers customers an easy way of selecting the product they want. It

allows them to quickly find the product that they need and walks them through the ordering process to ensure that what they eventually order is exactly what they require. This site can be marketed as your “general public” option, with both online (targeted)

and local advertising.

Repeat Customers or Graphic Designers

The system is aimed at graphic designers. Whilst this type of (hopefully) repeat customer can still choose from a selection of standard products, the site is designed with their

experience in mind. It also allows them to quickly and easily process a number of simple or more complex jobs. Because of the options available to

them they should be able to process most jobs without any intervention or assistance from you. Having a dedicated site of this type would then allow you to market it directly to graphic designers through product sample mailshots.

Real Estate Broachure Ordeing System

You could have a series of sites, each specialising in

different products (e.g. wedding stationery) or

market sectors (e.g real estate brochures). We have already developed some niche market sites and would be happy to discuss any ideas or requirements with you!

Products that you can sell


With our system there is no limit to the number of

paper stocks you can offer. Within the quote section

paper selection can be split between “standard” and “special”. This may allow you to easily increase the potential number of products you can offer. It may also then allow you to develop Niche markets.

Commercial Print Products

You can sell Business cards, leaflets, postcards, brochures with specific prices per sheet or for certain number of quanitty.  

Flex, Venyl or Banner Printing

You can add multiple products under this category and associate prices for finishing options.