You are interested to find how the product is useful?

Does the system handle impositions?

Yes. At the heart of the  system is the RTP (ready to print) file. This  is generated by the system   from the customer’s file and is a pdf that  can be sent directly to your   printer. It is a laid up page (or pages)  with gutters and crop marks   (added by the system). Few jobs will be  straightforward and to use our  business card example again, the RTP  file would contain 21-24 cards. We  can even prepare a file which can  contain even more cards.

Does the system handle proof checks?

Yes. Once you have your   printed proofs you can check that they appear  correct. If the customer   has added any “special instructions” at the  order stage, these are   printed along with the slugline.

What are the files supported while uploading?

Currently we support all the versions of PDFs. We have an option to  restrict file versions for each of your customers.   For other type of  files, we are currently working on our modules to take into   account  .cdr and .psd files coming from your staff as well as your customers.

Does the system have a quote module?

Yes. Online quotation gets generated automatically depending upon your customer  job specifications online.

Does the system maintain the colour profiles?

A correctly formatted pdf will have an embedded colour profile. Our  system does not change this and your machine is set to use any embedded  profile.

Can I Price for Sheet Ranges ?

Yes. In our system, you can set price for certain sheet ranges, for product categories and design charges separately.

You are interested to find how the product is useful?

What is Print Automation

How can technology help my print business? I have walk in customers and also designers who send by email.

I would like to know better

What is eBusiness Builer?  Profitable digital print comes down to a very simple principle: 

Maximise Clicks & Minimise Costs.

I have Walk In Customers already. Why eBusiness Builder?

B2B firms are adding new markets, new customers and are upgrading to a newer technology.

Who should & When is an ideal time to implement eBusiness Builder

If you are a Commercial Digital Printer with very high end machine with Konika Minolta's, Ricoh's, Xerox, Canon etc and are serving customers on Email with repeat orders or walk in customers, then this system is for you!

What are the components of the system

It comes in two front ends. One for the Graphic Design customers or your employee to take walk in orders. And the other is an Inhouse desktop app to download and print the orders received.

Performance and Outcomes

How do we measure the productivity of the system. How does it improve my profits and decrease the cost?

Lets Talk!

What would be the costs?

This is a SAAS based product. You will pay an installation fee and  a monthly fee for any number of customers - online or walk-ins.

Can I try the system?

The system is only available for demo after which you would have to purchase. We are planning for restricted trial version too.

Do you have customer references?

Yes. We have 15 users in 4 companies and we can share case studies.