Desktop Notifications

Pop up message while you get busy

There is every possibility that you get busy and you would have to have a pop up or a desktop notification when a print job arrives on your desktop from the server. We shall use the requisite technology to implement this feature.

Coupons / Promo Code

Running Schemes

We can help with a coupon system or a promotional code during a sales campaign.  You can increase the footfalls by running a campaign with this approach. 

Third Party Applications Integration with XML

Additional Source of Business

As a Printshop, you might be doing business with a large company who have been working with platforms that generate PDF documents that are to be printed. 

Our systems can help you to interface with  their systems using XML and the print jobs  can be queued with the web to print system thus adding additional source of business.

We recently integrated such an application to our customer and they started receiving print jobs already. Speak to us for your integration projects!

SMS Gateway Integration

SMS for Customers

You may wish to integrate the system with an SMS payment gateway to send an SMS for every process that you work on. This helps your customer to precisely know the status of a print job.

JDF Integration for ePrintkart

Automating Print Queues

Our systems generate JDF tickets in appropriate format to be sent to the production machines. This automation reduces time for the printer while providing inputs to the machine. The JDF is an industry standard for specifying a print job.

We recently interfaced with Konika  Minolta at KGN Xerox at Hyderabad. 

Mail Order System with Google Maps

Variable Data Prints

We did a variable data printing to a customer who wanted to print postcards with variable addresses. The addresses are selected on a Google Map. This system is typically for marketing to real estate agents' customers on properties.

However the same concept can be applied to any of the VDP requirement that you might have.

Imposition Utilities

RPPDF is completely FREE to use and no registration is required. To generate a reader's pairs PDF simply browse for then upload your original PDF & click the "Generate Readers Pairs" button. The size of your originals and the number of pages will determine how long it takes to generate your new file. There are many products that generate PDFs. Some of these produce PDFs which do not fully comply with the relevant standards. As a result we would advise that you check the output file for consistency before use. If you have any queries or suggestions about the site please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Also there is a Desktop utility if you wish to do impositions on your PC. You can visit and download the licensed utility,

Brochure Ordering System

Multiple Brochure File Uploads

The system developed is designed especially for companies that have brochures to upload. Each customer of a printshop who orders a specific brochure every time can be the best scenario. For example - a customer with 4 page or 8 page, Matt Lamination. The files are tested for this and the job gets imposed on the regular paper size and send to the machine. Multiple File uploads can be done in this system.

HSN Code

Info on HSN

The products in the system are provided with an HSN number. HSN Code is an internationally adopted commodity description and coding system  developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO).  The HSN code acts as a universal classification for  printed products. The Indian Government has decided to adopt the use of HSN code  for classification of goods under GST and levy of GST.

Wedding Album Software

Tool for Album Printers

Customers asked us to develop a software for their HP indigo Print equipment.  The software splits the Album files into smaller sizes and is made available for the printer, It automates the job of file splitting which otherwise would have taken hours using other software. We have large players in the wedding print industry who are making use of this utility.