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eBusiness Builder transforms the way commercial print companies sell their products online. eBusiness builder is an easy to use system that can be provided to your staff and design customers.

It addresses the  following challenges:

 - My machine stays Idle 

 - Both walk-in or one off and Online customers

 - Sheets & product wise printing products

 - Not have much clicks

 - Discounted products by customers?

 - Tracking orders is a mess

 - Low profits  and high costs of print & equipment 

 -  Employees take lot of time for imposition

What is Print Automation

The front end module feeds all jobs into the system. In the module your customer can generate an instant quote for their job, upload their pdf and add that job to their “basket”. The customer can then either add more jobs or continue to the dispatch section. There they can select the delivery address (either their own address or the address of their customer) or specify “for collection”, if they intend to collect from you. By default all customers must pay online for their order however you have the option to allow them to bypass paying at time of order (called “pay on invoice” in which case they can pay online later or pay by another method. Having placed their order they receive an email confirming their order, with a copy of the invoice attached. The order is then released into the system.

I have Walk In customers already. Why eBusiness Builder?

B2B focused firms are looking for new ways of getting orders - from new markets and repeat customers, It is easy to setup and start working on new customers. The eBusiness builder not only runs your business but also grows your B2B customers. You will not deviate from walk in customers but can take orders from both online and walk in customers, both in a streamlined workflow!

Who & When should we implement

If you are a Commercial Digital Printer with very high end production machines with Konika Minolta's, Ricoh's, Xerox, Canon etc and are serving customers on Email with repeat orders or walk in customers, then this system is for you!. You can implement when it has become slightly difficult to manage and track orders.  eBusiness builder is ideal when:

 - You have high end print equipments

 - When you have lots of repeat customers who are graphic designers

 - When you do not have manpower to do the impositions

 - Your machine supports JDF file formats

 - Your customers do not pay you and you need online payment option

- You want to track your orders

- When you want to manage entire print operations online 

 - when you want to make profits with less costs

System Components

The operation of the quote system is different to most other systems. Rather than you having to set pricing for individual product types or quantities the system works of a price per sheet. You set the cost of each paper stock and the cost per printed side (click) & then specify a margin to give a selling price per sheet. You also set various finishing charges for laminating (if offered), cutting, creasing and stapling. Other finishing options can be added if required. Discount can also be included and the standard system includes 2 options that can be used either separately or together. The first is a customer level discount that can be set for individual customers. he second is a volume discount which applies a % discount to that part of an order that exceeds “X” number of sheets.

Performance & Outcomes

Pleae download the below documents to see the performance with assumptions.

Download - Business Growth Model

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Detailed Product Literature

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